Meet Norry!

Ahoy Mateys!

Today we are going to take a more in depth look at a very important character in the blog: my parrot!

-A post about me?!?

Indeed! First things first, it is time to give you a name.

-About dang time.

As captain of this vessel-

-You don’t have a vessel…

I hereby dub thee-

-Great, more “dubbing”…


-…did you just name me after that weird dude in Pirates of the Caribbean?

Indeed I did.

Now it’s interview time!

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Quest Complete: Start a blog

Ahoy Mateys!

This is the Captain speaking along with my feathery parrot companion to discuss life!

I’ve recently put up my page The ULTIMATE Treasure Map and I want to go into more detail of the very first quest I have completed: Starting a Blog!


Be a little more excited parrot! This is the first step of my grand journey, the first of many undertakings to greatness, the first leap of faith, the first-

-You’re rambling.

Ah, sorry about that, I’m just very excited to have checked a quest off of my Ultimate list.

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Ahoy Mateys!

This is the Captain speaking along with my feathery parrot companion to discuss finance!

I don’t know about all of you, but the amount of financial information available is overwhelming at times. Books and blogs and videos and conferences and invest this and save that and for the love of barnacles DON’T DO THAT!

-I disagree.

Oh? You don’t find all the information available intense at times?

-No, I just think you should do “THAT”.

-By “THAT”, you meant jump into a shark tank while wrapped in bacon right? Yeah, you should definitely do THAT!

A note to my crew, I found another way to make financial information a little easier: Ignore any advice from parrots.

-I’ll sell tickets! I’ll be a millionaire! I’ll buy a house made of crackers with worm edges!

*Ahem* Moving on while feather butt is in dream land, I’d like to share with you some of the simplest advice I have ever heard regarding money. It is called the 10-10-80 rule.

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Map to 1,000,000 Doubloons – July 2015 Update

Ahoy mateys and welcome back!

Everyone knows that to the best pirate around, you need to have a big pile of coins to hide!

-Why have the coins if you’re just going to hide them?

Because it’s fun! It’s the pirates’ way!

-I will never understand pirates.

Well I will never understand parrots so that makes us even.

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Counting the Coins – July 2015 Plan

Ahoy again and welcome back! We’re happy to see you!

-Yes. Simply ecstatic.

Don’t mind little grumpy pants over there, that’s their normal mood. Though, come to think of it, if I got you a little pair of pants would that make you happy?


Ah well, I tried. Anyway folks, today we are going to be delving into the deep dark ocean that is known as personal finance! Let’s start right off with my current income.

-You are going to tell random people on the internet how much money you make?

Indeed I am! Partially because I will be very careful to hide my true identity like a super-pirate so my information will remain safe, but mostly because I think it’s important to have real information during money talks to see where the person is coming from and to see if that information will be helpful to you.

-Ok, its you’re funeral.

As always, thank you for your support.

Now, here are my current income/expenses:

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*Results not typical

Captain on Deck!

Ahoy mateys!

This here is a very historic day, one that will be chronicled and celebrated for years to come!!

-By who?

Possibly only me but who knows, perhaps others will enjoy my wild ramblings and will also celebrate this day.


Ummm…I had a reason…what was it…oh yes! Today is the day that I truly began changing my life! Today is the day that I decided to take years of reading and hemming and hawing and finally put what I have read into action to become the very best pirate I can be!

-A pirate?

Yes a pirate, pirates are cool, now stop interrupting me.

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