Captain on Deck!

Ahoy mateys!

This here is a very historic day, one that will be chronicled and celebrated for years to come!!

-By who?

Possibly only me but who knows, perhaps others will enjoy my wild ramblings and will also celebrate this day.


Ummm…I had a reason…what was it…oh yes! Today is the day that I truly began changing my life! Today is the day that I decided to take years of reading and hemming and hawing and finally put what I have read into action to become the very best pirate I can be!

-A pirate?

Yes a pirate, pirates are cool, now stop interrupting me.

The point of this blog is to chronicle my choices in finance, health, love, and general life-y things to show my progression from humble peon to becoming the captain of my own ship! I will share my inspirations for my actions, update monthly on my progress, and…well that’s mostly it. I do hope to have lots of laughs along the way as well.

-You’ve said chronicle twice now.


Now then, where was I?

Ah yes! Introductions!

My name is the Captain.

-Seriously? That is most certainly not your real name.

Of course it’s not my real name you bugger, this is the internet! It’s not wise to divulge my actual name, there are hackers and thieves and-


Yes, and pirates, and- HEY! I’m glaring at you right now.

-Ah yes, I’m terrified. By the way, who am I exactly?

Lets see: loudmouthed, annoying, and this is a pirate theme. I’m going with you are my parrot!

-…your parrot?

Yes, now shut up.

-Do I get a name at least?

No. Now to continue talking about me-

-Why don’t I get a name?

Grrrr. Because you don’t actually exist for one, and two, I haven’t thought of one yet besides “Polly” and, well, that’s just a little too stereotypical for me.

-…you are an interesting creature…

Why thank you! Now getting back on point finally: my name is the Captain, I live in the USA in the state of Texas, and I am currently 27 years old. More personally, I am a transman in the beginning of my transition, an atheist, an asexual, and currently an engineer.

-You are quite possibly the weirdest pirate ever.

I dunno, there were plenty of weird ones back in the day. At least I don’t have scurvy!

-Huzzah for small wins.

Indeed! Well I think that wraps things up for today. Next post will be more in depth with my current financial status, my current goals, and how I am working on getting there. We’ll look at income, savings, investments, and especially how I keep track of everything.

Until next time, avast ye scoundrels!

-…I’m calling my agent.

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