Usually Tuesdays are my least favorite day of the week, but today has put in a darn good showing of annoying-ness. Actuall full post tomorrow! ( i know cuz I already wrote it)



So this house I was looking at to move into but them went off the market is actually available and I am filling out a mortgage loan application and I’m going to court on Friday for my name change stuff and this week is turning out much more intense than I originally planned…

Webcomic Spotlight: Sinfest

Ahoy mateys!

The Captain here, briefly, to say I apologize about short posts latety, I’ve just got a lot of LIFE happening right now:

-Huge project at work needs to be finished before the weekend.

-Birthday trip to Disneyland is next week so doing prep stuff.

-Three friends have birthday celebrations this week!

-I am thinking about buying a house and the perfect one just came on the market!

Lots of stuff, so little time!

For those that have plenty of time and are looking for something to read, I highly advise the Sinfest webcomic!

Updates daily with full color pages on Sundays, and 15 YEARS of archives!

Follows Slick, a normal dude who sells his soul to the devil, and all the interesting and boring things that occur waiting for his dream life to arrive.

Religious commentary, political commentary, and social commentary all throughout the comic with tones of humor, music, and poetry as well.

And the artwork is pretty awesome as well 😉

I have loved this comic since I first read it years ago and hope you do too!

That’s all I have for now, back to work I go!

Until next time,

Avast ye scoundrels!

Photo Credit: Tatsuya Ishida of Sinfest