Map to 1,000,000 Doubloons – August 2015 Update

Ahoy mateys!

This is the Captain speaking with my feathery companion Norry to discuss finance!

Everyone knows that to the best pirate around, you need to have a big pile of coins to hide!

-Why have the coins if you’re just going to hide them?

Because it’s fun! It’s the pirates’ way!

-I will never understand pirates.

Well I will never understand parrots so that makes us even.

Now, the amount of coins desired by each pirate varies, some want a little pile to call their own, others want to own Fort Knox. Myself, I have set a fairly reasonable goal to get to a Net Worth of $1,000,000 simply because it’s a nice round number.

As of the 1st of this month, I have a net worth of 155,515.25 doubloons!

Last month my net worth was 152,636.20 doubloons! That means I have increased by 2,879.05!

Not too shabby at all!

Here’s how it breaks down:


Emergency Savings: $8,750 (Change: +$1,250.00) in a American Express High Yield Savings Account. I currently get about a 0.90% interest rate which is tons better than my 0.01% of my Chase account where I store regular savings. I have now hijacked this account to be used for house savings so A LOT of money should be going in here soon.

Chase Checking: $509.09(Change: -$667.52) I get paid on the 15th and the last day of every month, so this is the highest it will be for awhile. Also paid off my credit card and rent which is why it is lower than probably expected. It’s actually a LOT lower than I’d like, but I’m hoping for a windfall soon to use as a cushion.

Chase Savings: $1,362.53 (Change: +$167.49)This is my general savings, the money I save up to buy fun stuff! Ideally I want to have $2,007.00 in here as a base and then save for the fun stuff on top of it but I haven’t quite gotten there yet. I put my random extra money in here as well as took some out for goals, but overall I’m glad it went green.


401k: $102,079.83 (Change: +$1816.10) This is where the majority of my money is kept, sadly where I can’t touch it. My company uses Fidelity for our 401k so I also use it for some of my personal investing.

Roth IRA: $12,510.28 (Change: -$148.88) I’ve decided to start doing monthly contributions to my Roth starting this month so this account should start moving up soon.

Fidelity Personal: $5,371.58 (Change: +$1,010.61) The only stock in here is my company stock purchased with the ESPP. Once they reach long-term status, I generally sell some for play money/ extra savings. 2nd quarter’s ESPP was applied so this account got a nice bump!

Employee Stock Purchase Plan: $0 (Change: -$665.60) 5% of every paycheck gets put here till the big purchase at the end of the quarter when it all goes into my Fidelity Personal account. It’s the end of the 2nd quarter so stock was purchased and added to my personal account and the process starts all over again.

Motif Investment: $6,560.12 (Change: +$231.03) Here I am playing with dividend investing and working to increase my passive income. As is stands, I am projecting getting $250.00 in dividends for the year which is pretty sweet for my first year’s work.


Car: $18,486.00 (Change: $0.00) I have a 2012 Ford Edge that is completely paid off, woot! Value here is the low end from Kelly Blue Book. I check back occasionally to see how it’s doing but as I have no plans on selling my car anytime soon its really just a nice bump to my Net Worth number.


I realized I forgot to put my debt on my first update! That’s mostly because I pay my credit cards off at the end of the month every month so I really shouldn’t have any debt. But, just to be thorough:

Chase Freedom: $0.00. I have had this card for 4 whole years now and it was my go-to for daily spending but there is a new card in town:

American Express Starwood Preferred Guest: -$114.18 This is a BRAND NEW card that I just got in the mail a week ago and am looking forward to using and getting the travel rewards. It will be paid off every month along with my freedom card.

So there you have it! NOW you know in detail how much I am worth!

-Oh goody.

You are just jealous cause your feather butt isn’t worth anything.

-You just wait till the modeling deals from Petco start pouring in!

While the parrot flies the coop, I declare this post finished.

Until next time, avast ye scoundrels!

Photo Credit: (c) Piotr Majka Dreamstime Stock Photos


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