Donation Spotlight: World Wildlife Fund

Ahoy Mateys!

This is the Captain speaking with my feathery companion Norry to discuss life!

I’ve mentioned before that I try to give 10% of my net income to charities but haven’t delved into the specifics.

That changes now!

The first charity I give to each month is the World Wildlife Fund!

I’d love to go more in depth with what they do and why I love them, but I suck at summarizing so I simply suggest checking the link out and seeing their awesomeness for yourselves!

-Dang, you’re lazy Captain!

Well yes, it is a Sunday after all! I’ve got some serious napping to do!

-Quick question: do they help parrots like me?

Yes indeed! Macaws are on their list of protected species, and are currently doing very well in the wild.

-Ok, you can nap now.

You are too kind.

Seriously though, WWF does a lot of good for many animals around the world, please check out their website!

Until next time, avast ye scoundrels!

Photo Credit: World Wildlife Fund


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