Quest Complete: Disneyland!

Ahoy Mateys!

This is the Captain speaking along with Norry to discuss life!

You may have seen my page The ULTIMATE Treasure Map, and now I get to go into more detail of the second quest I have completed: Going to Disneyland!


Ha! you’re just jealous that you couldn’t go.

-I’M NOT JEALOUS, I did my own awesome stuff while you were gone!

Oh really?

-Yeah! So there!

Ok, if you say so

Back to me and my awesome trip!

I had the fantastic opportunity to go to Disneyland in Anahiem California for 4 days in August as a birthday present from my parents!

-Quite a present!

Indeed! I think they were mostly using me as an excuse to go on vacation, but I certainly didn’t mind 🙂

I also helped out a bit so they didn’t spend too much on me so I paid for my own plane ticket there (and back) and paid for 3 meals while we were there.

But enough of the money talk!


We landed in LAX a little after noon on our first day there and headed straight to the parks.

-“Parks”? Plural? Where else did you go?

Just Disneyland Resorts. For those who don’t know, Disneyland Resorts actually has two theme parks in it: Disney’s California Adventure and Disneyland itself, and both are right next to each other.

We got the park hopper pass which let us go back and forth between the two as we wished which worked out really well!

The first day we spent all in California Adventure. We grabbed lunch and then immediately ran to the California Screamin’ coaster and rode it twice!

Mom had the Disneyland app on her phone which was very helpful, it told us what the wait times were at all the rides so we could plan what we were going to do next. We were actually standing in line for the Grizzly River Rapids when she checked and saw the line to Screamin’ was so short!

Highly advise anyone heading to Disneyland to grab the app and use it!

My favorite place to be in California Adventure was Cars Land.

-Cars Land? Seriously?

You don’t understand, this was a full replica of Radiator Springs from the movie “Cars”! They had everything! The Cozy Cone Motel, Sarge’s Surplus Shop, even the firehouse with the statue of Stanley!

AND they had the characters driving around that you could get pictures with! I saw Mater, Lightning McQueen, and Red while we walked around.

The rest of the trip is honestly a blur at this point. We walked MILES every single day and rode every ride we could including multiples of Thunder Mountain Railroad and Space Mountain.

It was an absolutely fantastic trip that had only one major flaw: my sister couldn’t come with us 😦

Now we know all the tricks though, we have to go back when she can join us for round 2 of epic awesomeness!

-Can I come next time too??

You know what, I actually may bring you next time. I can think of a funny picture opportunity in the Enchanted Tiki Room 🙂

-Sure, I’m only invited for a joke!

Well if you don’t want to go…

No! I’ll go. But you bet your eye patch I am NOT going in the Haunted Mansion! That place gives me the heebee jeebies.

Well folks, that’s all I have to say on the subject. Disneyland is still very much a magical place at the age of 28 and I look forward to going back many times over!

Until next time, avast ye scoundrels!

Title Photo Credit: Runescape

Other Photos: Me


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