Quest Complete: Name Change!

Ahoy Mateys!

This is the Captain speaking along with Norry to discuss life!

You may have seen my page The ULTIMATE Treasure Map, and now I get to go into more detail of the third quest I have completed: Getting my name legally changed!

-Please tell me you did NOT legally change your name to “The Captain”.

No no, nothing like that!  I simply went from a very female name to a more masculine one.


Simply put, I identify as a transgender man and am undertaking the steps to transition from female to male.

-That sounds simple to you?

Heh, no, not really. The more I learn about everything I need to do, the crazier this all seems.

But I do truly believe it is in my best interest to go forward and become who I feel I really am.

The very first step of my transition has now been completed! I have legally changed my name!

-Can I ask from what to what?

I’m afraid I can’t tell you that.

-WHAT?? Why not!!

Because! I already have so much private information located on this blog, all some really tricky people would need is my name to be able to steal my identity.

No, I am incredibly happy with my name change choice, but that is all the information I shall give out for now.

-Hmmm, I suppose that’s understandable…So what’s next?

Well, next on my list is to get top surgery and then start testosterone, but my plan is to get healthier before I do that. I want to get down to 250 lbs before I make any physical changes to my body.

-Why wait? Can’t you go do that now?

I could. I’ve been going to gender therapy for over a year now and could easily get the letters I need to start T and get the top surgery.

My main concern about doing the top surgery now is that I have a lot of fat in my body that will make the shaping of the new pecs hard to do and will unevenly distribute what fat and muscle I have which will make me look weird. (I have seen some guys who were big when they had the surgery and some turn out great and others not so much and I’d like to stack the odds in my favor.

As for the T, it has the power to make losing weight incredibly easily, or makes packing on the pounds incredibly easy. Looking at the current population of teenage boys, both are very common possibilities and once again I am trying to stack the odds in my favor. Taking T really does mean I get to go through puberty all over again and I’d like to have a few good habits formed before I start just so that’s one less thing to worry about.

-This is all rather weird.

Yep, I agree, and it’s especially weird trying to live through it.

You have no idea how absolutely ecstatic I am to finally have one piece of the puzzle in place!

Now I just have to take the court order to the DPS, Social Security, all my banks, every organization I’ve ever been a member, my office, and probably another half dozen places I haven’t thought of just yet.

-Good luck with that!

Thanks bud, I’m going to get started on that now!

Until next time, avast ye scoundrels!

Title Photo Credit: Runescape


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