No House :(

Ahoy Mateys

I’m rather sad today.

I put an offer on this nice 1 bed/ 1.5 bath two-story condo and despite offering over list price, I was beaten out and another person got the place.

What really sucked was that I thought I lost the place on Friday since the seller had 3 offers and one was for 5k over list which I was unwilling to meet. So I had resigned myself to keep looking, but then the seller comes back on Saturday saying they think they would accept my offer instead!!

What?! Crazy right??

I spent the entirety of Saturday with my phone glued to my hand waiting for confirmation and official notice that they were accepting my offer.

No news.

Wake up Sunday, tense as a bowstring at 8 am (after staying up till 2 am hoping for a phone call) and just wait as patiently as I could.

Finally text asking if any news just after lunch.

Find out seller accepted a different offer 15 min before.


Heart wrenching to say the least, got my hopes brought up and then my feet kicked out under me.


I’m sad and rather distraught about it all.

Not saying the place was perfect and my only chance at happiness, not by any means.

But it was certainly the first place that I walked into and really felt like I could call it home.

And I had plans damn it!

Went to a huge furniture store Saturday to check it out (was planning on going before I put the offer in, just a cursory walk-through to see what was available) and everything I saw I tried to picture in this condo.

Would this couch fit in the living room? Is there enough space for this dining table and these chairs? This light fixture would look pretty nice in the stairway. Ooo, this coffee table has extra chairs for when guests come over and sit in front of the fireplace!

All that hope and tension and planning gone to waste.

I hate when that happens.


The furniture store was nice, saw lots of good things that could work no matter where I move.

I now understand the whole offering process a lot better.

I know for a fact that there can be a place I feel comfortable enough to call home out there somewhere.

Overall, this is a good experience and I get to come out of it ahead, even if its not the way I hoped.

Still, I’m going to drown my sorrows in a large snow cone and a pizza now.

Until next time,

Avast ye scoundrels!

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