Stopping Donations…For Now

Ahoy mateys!

This is the Captain speaking with my feathery companion Norry to discuss life!…with a dash of finance as well.

-Wow Captain. I’d say you were being generous but from the title it looks like the opposite.

I agree, but there is a reason behind the madness which I am going to share!

-Oh goody.

Oh hush you.

For any who have seen my last budget or read this post, you know I enjoy giving to charity and have done so for awhile.

Somewhat sadly, I have made the decision to temporarily stop my charitable giving for now.

-“Sadly”? You get an extra 400 doubloons a month and you are sad!?

Yes! Donating is very important to me!

-Well then, why are you stopping?

Two reasons: paperwork and a new year.

-…you lost me.

Lemme start with the paperwork.

Recently, I went through the process to change my name. Due to a rather silly move on part, I have been unable to update my name change on pretty much everything, but I’m finally going to be making some forward progress with that.

And for every charity I give to, I will need to update my name AND my credit card info.

-This is annoying, I’ll agree, but it doesn’t sound TOO bad.

True, and I wasn’t bothered by that until I realized that I may be purchasing a house later this year, which means I will have to update EVERYONE of my change in address.

-…Ok, getting a little out of control.


Overall, it’s not horrible, just annoying as hell. And I was perfectly fine with doing all that until I remembered on thing: it’s the end of the year.

-Do you plan on making sense anytime soon?

At the end of every year, my company has a big donation and charity drive where they encourage employees to give money through a company sponsored program.

The really cool thing is that by giving through this program, all admin fees of the transaction are paid by my company AND they match the donation 10%.

-Huh, that’s not bad.

Not bad at all! By giving through this program, the donations will come straight out of my paycheck so I don’t have to worry about updating my info anytime it changes and the charities get more cash. Win-win for all!

Granted, the program won’t start till January (it’s a calendar year thing that you sign up for in October) but my name change stuff will be done in the next couple of weeks so I went ahead and stopped all my donations.

-Woohoo! More fun money! More parrot treats for me!

Nope, I’m putting that money to good use in my house savings fund for the next couple months, trying to give it a nice little bump. I’ve realized recently that I will need a LOT of new furniture once I have a place.

Now there is one charity that I didn’t cancel: Plan International USA. I’ve been giving to this group and sponsoring a child in the Philippines for almost 5 years now, by far my longest continuous donation. I’m not sure if they will be involved in my company program, or if my sponsorship will continue with a switch. That’s not something I want to risk, so I am keeping it for now till I get more information.

-You are very generous for a pirate.

I like to think I’m Robin Hood with a boat.

-You steal from people??

No! Of course not!

-You have a boat?


-Your analogy kinda sucks then.

Well that’s all I have today.

Until next time, avast ye scoundrels!

Photo Credit: Clip Art Panda


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