I Bought a Car

Ahoy Mateys!

This is the Captain here to talk about life!

Back in this post, I described my reasons for wanting to sell my car and getting a new one. (Well, a used one. A “new to me” one. Y’all know what I mean.

Funny enough, I wrote that post on Friday, and wound up buying a car on Saturday. So by the time the post came out on Sunday, I had already made my decision and signed the paperwork.

The internet is weird that way.

Anyway, Saturday morning, I woke up with a spring in my step and determination in my heart and headed to the dealership.

Mistake #1.

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Decisions, Decisions

Ahoy Mateys!

The Captain here to discuss finance and life!

I’m buying a house currently and have been learning a lot on the process.

#1 thing I have learned?


I haven’t even bought the darn thing yet and I’m already out 2 grand, with promise of another 20 grand at closing.

*queue heavy breathing into paper bag*

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The Devil is in the Details

Or does the phrase go “God is in the details”?

Well a quick google shows both work so that’s cool.

At the moment, it certainly feels more like the devil as my to-do list seems to be growing exponentially daily!

Of course the reason for my extended to-do list is that I was able to find and secure a house! So maybe that would be god since that’s a good thing.

Or it could be the devil tempting me and therefore is a bad thing!

I dunno, I really don’t think either of these is true (I’m atheist after all), but it can be fun to speculate at times.

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How Much House Do I Really NEED?

Ahoy mateys!

This is the Captain speaking with my feathery companion Norry to discuss life!

I’ve mentioned before that I am currently on the hunt for a house.

– Don’t pirates normally live on ships?

Well sure, but they also need places to stay while they are on land for an extended period of time.

-How extended?

The foreseeable future.

-That’s pretty extended…

Yup. Sadly still in my landlubber days. My dream ship is on hold for now.

But houses can still be fun!

My house search is focusing on a few main ideas:

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