The Devil is in the Details

Or does the phrase go “God is in the details”?

Well a quick google shows both work so that’s cool.

At the moment, it certainly feels more like the devil as my to-do list seems to be growing exponentially daily!

Of course the reason for my extended to-do list is that I was able to find and secure a house! So maybe that would be god since that’s a good thing.

Or it could be the devil tempting me and therefore is a bad thing!

I dunno, I really don’t think either of these is true (I’m atheist after all), but it can be fun to speculate at times.

But yes, I found a house!

It’s a 2 bed/ 2.5 bath two story town home within half a mile of work!!

I’m excited 🙂

And terrified 😦

There’s so much to do!!!

I’m in the option period of my contract so now I got 5 days (well, 3 now since contract execution was Monday night and it’s Wednesday now) to pay my option money ($150), pay my earnest money ($1500), review all HOA documentation, get an inspection ($350+$95 for a termite inspection) and go over those documents to decide if I want to keep going to closing or bow out now and get my earnest money back.

I’m sincerely hoping the inspection goes well because I really like this place and want to keep it, but I am trying to keep my mind clear and unattached so I don’t fall into a money pit if the inspection sucks.

Should I give the place up, I gotta start the house hunt all over again.

Should the inspection come back good, I’ll be on to my next to-do list:

  • start packing
    • toss old stuff
    • donate ok stuff
    • keep and pack good stuff
  • take inventory of items I have and items I’ll need
    • furniture
    • dishes/ cutlery
    • appliances
  • finalize home insurance provider
  • find out who supplies
    • electricity
    • internet
  • find nearby facilities
    • grocery store
    • bank
    • post office
    • police station
    • fire station
    • hospital
    • library

Annnnd that’s all I’ve got for the moment, though I am sure I am forgetting tons that will get added to my list. Change of address forms for banks, driver’s licence, and work pops into mind, but that will be after closing.

This afternoon, I will be going back to the place to see it for the second time and taking a couple people along to get more opinions, see if I missed anything in the first run that needs to be pointed out to the inspector.

Overall, I’m incredibly excited and incredibly nervous to be taking this next step in my life!

Until next time,

Avast ye scoundrels!

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