Counting the Coins – October/November 2015

Ahoy Mateys!

This is the Captain speaking with my feathery companion Norry to discuss finance!

Last month, I highlighted my current income and took a look at my October 2015 budget. Now let’s see how I did!

October 2015 Budget - Complete

-Wait wait wait, you MADE money on auto insurance?!?

Yeah, I know, this was a weird month overall financially due to getting things organized for my house purchase, and auto insurance turned into one of the weirdest aspects.

What I used to do for auto insurance was to put $100 a month into my savings account and pay my insurance every 6-months in a solid block which landed on March and September.

This month, I decided to change insurance and bundle up my home insurance I will need and they only take monthly payments, no 6-month block payments.

So I paid for 1 month with them and got a refund from my previous insurance provided and wound up with a little extra cash.

-Where are all the housing expenses stuff? I thought you had to pay for an inspection and appraisal and all?

House stuff was paid out of my house savings, not out of my monthly income. I suppose you could say it all came out of the “House Savings” field of my budget.

-So what was so unexpected then?

I…went to an art fair and bought a painting…

-WHAT?! You have appliances and furniture to purchase for your new place and you bought a PAINTING??

I know, I know! In my defense, I bought the painting BEFORE I bought the house. I honestly did not expect to actually FIND a place I liked and get it so I figured I was safe.

The painting is really pretty though and will be a centerpiece in my new living room, so it all works out 🙂

Other notes/clarifications:

Fixed: Anything with a set-in stone due date or was needed for survival. Groceries, housing, utilities, phone bill, as well as my donations and patreon are under this bucket.

Invest: Stocks, bonds, and funds go in this bucket.

Fun: Partying, drinking, eating out, going to the movies, vacations, ect. all falls in this bucket.

After that, everything not spent goes into my general savings bucket for short-term needs.

-I thought you were supposed to do savings first, not last.

In general, yes Norry, you are correct. In my case, I’m attempting to use my savings as a carrot on a stick. With this structure, I know that the only way to save a lot is to slow down on eating out and doing other random things. Since I have a strong desire to save, this should help me a lot!

I also automated a lot of my expenses so I don’t have to worry about them! All items with the green highlight are taken care of without me having to lift a finger. Technology is helpful sometimes.

But all this is looking into the past. It’s time to take a look at next month’s budget plan:

November 2015 Budget

House stuff got moved up to the “fixed” category, but overall same as last month.

I’m stopping my personal investments for the time being.

As you can see, I’ve knocked down my restaurant bucket again. Goal is to get it down to $200 for plenty of play money while still saving a good chunk.

-If you are saving for a house, why put anything in general savings?

It’s good to have a cushion for unexpected expenses and plus I have lots of other little goals I’m saving up for! My general savings is where money for plane tickets to go home and big once a year expenses come from.

-Humans are so complicated.

Agreed Norry.

That’s all I have for now, next post will be on how my Net Worth fared for the month of October.

If you have any questions/comments/ concerns feel free to comment below!

Until next time, avast ye scoundrels!

Photo Credit: (c) Anna Chelnokova Dreamstime Stock Photos


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