Captain’s Bio

Captain’s Log, day 5.

I’ve decided it would be prudent to inform my crew a little bit about who it is they are sailing with.

To start of with, my name is the Captain!

Ok, that’s not my REAL name, but it is my internet name so I appreciate you using it.

I live in the USA in the state of Texas. Born and raised here actually. I have traveled to many other states and countries and love seeing new sites, but Texas will always be where I find my family and my home.

I am currently 28 years old, 5 years out of college. I graduated with a BS in Math and Mechanical Engineering and also got an MS in Mechanical Engineering. I am happy to note that I use practically none of what I learned in college at my day job. (Side note – not that happy)

More personally, I am a transman in the beginning of my transition. Currently taking the steps to have my body match where my head has always been.

I consider myself an atheist, though I will fully admit don’t know for a fact how the universe is run.

I mention all this simply so my crew may have a basic understanding of where my posts and thoughts and ideas come from. This will not be the same blog as a cisgirl catholic school teacher from Russia and that’s great! The internet is awesome for being a place where all sorts of people and ideas can be found!

It is for this same reason that I am sharing what some may consider very personal information, such as my finances and my health. Every person has a journey to follow and I simply wish to share mine so that others who may be in a similar boat will have a rough guide of what to do. (Or possibly what not to do, we shall see as the blog progresses)

Throughout all my posts, I am joined by my humbly sarcastic and caustic parrot pal whose name is Norry. They are helpful in pointing out questions readers might be thinking as they read and will hopefully inject some humor into what can sometimes be boring subjects.

That is all for now. I shall update the Bio page as needed, but here are the basics.

Until next time, avast ye scoundrels!

Photo Credit: (c) Frosty Dreamstime Stock Photos

Photo Credit for Main Page Header: Fairy Tail Fannon Wikia


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