My apologies, but i think I’m going to pause my blog posts for a bit.

I’m very pleased I was able to go for this long with mostly decent posts, but I’ve got a lot on my plate, with not a lot to say.

Not sure when, or even if I will try again.

But this has been fun while it lasted.

Take care y’all!


I have a house and am all moved in as of yesterday!

Still plenty to unpack and majorly need some furniture but the place is already starting to feel like home 🙂

Sterling agrees! 

Well…she’s still getting used to the hardwood floors after the carpet in my apartment. Its highly amusing watching her slip and slide :p

I figure it will be early next year before I get completely moved in with everything I need and everything unpacked where I want it.

I’ve got lots of plans of stuff to do to this place! Lots to look forward to for the next 10-30 years!

Randomness Update

Nothing big to talk about so here’s the run down on a bunch of random little things.


Sterling is adjusting well, definitely becoming more curious and playful with each passing day. She is currently curled up next to my keyboard attacking my fingers as I type which makes blogging slightly difficult.

I have also found that she enjoys playing with her litter box sand which explains why the sand has been strewn all over my bathroom.

She has a collar with a little bell on it so she jingle jangles as she gets into mischief. Its when the bell gets quiet that I really start to worry!

HRC Black Tie Dinner

I had the opportunity this weekend to volunteer at the Dallas HRC Black Tie Dinner, the biggest black tie dinner in the nation and a huge fundraiser for GLBT organizations.

Worked Will Call Friday and Saturday nights, saw lots of fabulously dressed people, and even got a few free drinks out of the deal. I think I’ll probably volunteer again next year.


I do not have a lot of stuff, but what I do have is rather odd. I’ve forgotten about all the random knickknacks and artwork I had stuffed in the back of my closet, or all the random business cards shoved in random drawers.

I’m tossing a decent amount of stuff while packing and think I’ll probably toss more out while unpacking.

Seriously, why did I buy a vinyl record? I don’t have a record player!


Sub-set of packing, I suppose. Everything looks on track for me to purchase my first house in just 5 days!!

I am excited and terrified and counting the minutes practically as i try to get everything organized.

Electricity, water, and internet are scheduled. Movers are scheduled. All paperwork for the loan is in and approved. House insurance and re-keying the house are scheduled. All money for the down payment has been moved to the primary account.

I still need to do change of address forms and get a chimney inspector but…I think that’s it!

I do still need to purchase some appliances and then of course some actual furniture for the place, but those are worries for next week :p

Whelp, that’s all I’ve got. Hope y’all are having a good weekend and talk to ya later!

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