My apologies, but i think I’m going to pause my blog posts for a bit.

I’m very pleased I was able to go for this long with mostly decent posts, but I’ve got a lot on my plate, with not a lot to say.

Not sure when, or even if I will try again.

But this has been fun while it lasted.

Take care y’all!


Black Friday

Spending the day with family and getting stuff for my house!

I am sorry for the very short updates lately, I’ll try to do a full one on Sunday.

Right now, too tired.

Happy Friday y’all!


I have a house and am all moved in as of yesterday!

Still plenty to unpack and majorly need some furniture but the place is already starting to feel like home 🙂

Sterling agrees! 

Well…she’s still getting used to the hardwood floors after the carpet in my apartment. Its highly amusing watching her slip and slide :p

I figure it will be early next year before I get completely moved in with everything I need and everything unpacked where I want it.

I’ve got lots of plans of stuff to do to this place! Lots to look forward to for the next 10-30 years!

Technical Difficulties

Apologies Mateys

I accidentally left my spreadsheet with all my numbers on my work computer, so I don’t have the info needed to do my normal “Personal Dividend Update” post.


I feel rather lost without my spreadsheet…it has a LOT of info on it. Budgets, spending, weight, projections, donations…my poor spreadsheet, all alone and locked up at work.

Ah well.

See ya’ll in 2 days for a full update!

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